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Drive Without Distraction

Drive Smart SoCo is a coalition of area organizations, businesses, law enforcement and community stakeholders working to make our roads safer by promoting safe, undistracted driving.

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DRIVE SMART Southcoast


A Bit of Background

Drive Smart Southcoast, began in the spring of 2019 as a partnership with New Bedford Police and Southcoast Youth Courts the program was quickly adopted by Fairhaven, Dartmouth, and Acushnet Police Departments along with multiple community-minded businesses.  The purpose of the program is to heighten awareness about the risks and provide ideas on how to avoid distracted driving.


DriveSafeSoCo is in the business of making the Southcoast roadways safer. The work we do is aimed at providing a holistic approach to solving one of our society’s biggest challenges, distracted driving. The program takes three approaches to achieve that goal - Community Awareness - Education & Diversion - Enforcement. 

What We Do

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Educating the community about the risks of distracted driving.  Far too many young people are dying or getting injured from distracted driving.  The Southcoast is coming together to change that in our community.

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Our partnership with business, law enforcement, and Youth Court is providing information and education about how to reduce distracted driving by providing workshops, guest speakers and community activities.

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Local law enforcement are holding people accountable for putting the community at risk because of distracted driving.


What You Should Know

The Law states that anyone under the age of 18 using a mobile phone or electronic device while driving or while stopped in traffic (example... at a red light) can be charged. 


The following are the standard repercussions for each offense:


FIRST OFFENSE:  $105 CMVI Fine (Civil Motor Vehicle Infraction), 60 Days RMV Suspension, Attitude Class that you will have to pay for, and a 6-year surcharge on your insurance.


SECOND OFFENSE: $255 CMVI Fine, a 180 days RMV Suspension and a 6-year surcharge on insurance.


THIRD OFFENSE:  $505 CMVI Fine, a 1 Year RMV Suspension and a 6-year surcharge on insurance.

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For safety is not a gadget but a state of mind.

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